Alfa Ciao Pizza Oven


Alfa wood and gas fired ovens for outdoor home use, discover the best wood-fired ovens ever.

Ciao Wood-fired oven with refractory floor, light and easy to handle. You can move it anywhere thanks to its big wheels.
This wood-burning oven is the best way to bake pizzas, bread, roasts, mixed grills (meat, fish and veggies), casseroles, desserts, basically anything you can do in a run-of-the-mill oven with the definite plus of the healthiness and genuineness that only wood cooking can offer. Easy to move and easier to use.


  • The distinctively designed Ciao features stainless-steel parts and powder coated ones that withstand very high temperatures.
  • The stainless-steel dome enables it to reach high temperatures with low firewood consumption.
  • The oven floor is made of 1,2 in thick interchangeable firebricks that store heat and transmit it to food during cooking.
  • The ceramic fiber insulation keeps the heat for a long time.
  • The pyrometer measures the temperature of the cooking chamber.
  • The door fitted with an ergonomic wood handle allows you to adjust the draft inside the oven by checking the fire.
  • The two openings below the oven mouth are designed to accommodate the door to always keep it close at hand.
  • When you get your Ciao delivered, it’s ready to use; just insert the flue and screw the legs and the wheels onto the oven. It’s easy as pie!
  • Available in the Top, Top + base or Top + table version



28.4”L x 39.3”W x 46.3"H
Fire Yellow or Silver Gray
Recommended fuel
Wood or lump charcoal
Batch of bread
2 kg (4,4 lbs)
Heating time
10-20 minutes
Max oven temperature
1,000oF +
Chimney dimensions
Cooking Floor W x D
27.6” x 15.7”
Cooking Floor Height
Oven Mouth width
Top only 176 lbs
Available in
Top, Top + base or Top + table version
Country of Origin

Top + Leg Kit

32.2L x 46.9”W x 70.9"H


Data sheet

User manual





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